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Duck N Hut hiker hostel



    Hiking the Appalachian trail isn't your average adventure. Many come from around the world for a different reason, for the same purpose. Some come broken, looking to heal, others come intact to find their breaking points, test there own limits. Some also say we hikers are often running towards something or away from something, but one true fact of this remote style world, is we are all healing, in every way every day.,.
    Tom Elswick realized the true healing power of what the Appalachian trail offers when he met Stephanie Olmstead a couple years back. What was supposed to a simple day hike, spawned the vision that is now known as, Duck n Hut hostel. Steph and Tom attended trail days in Troutville,VA a couple years back, coming upon the opportunity to house their first official hiker guest. At the time, they only had means to allow a front room floor villa, and a hikers best friend, a nice hot shower. Tom and Stephanie knew at that exact point, any ideas for a future of working a 9-5 job and a suburban style white picket fence life style, would now and forever be a distant idea to the  new found vision of Duck N hut hiker hostel.
    Tom began picking the brains of "thru hikers" and before you know it, this beautiful hiker utopia under went construction. through the minds of Stephanie,Tom, and "too high" the hiker, this paradise for the healing and healed was born. Created in the style of fragmented goods,and too high's  madness and creativity, the hostel is now a resting place for the weary traveler and hiker, thru hiker, section hiker, lasher(long ass section hiker) and traveler who come thru this part of the southern Virginia section of the Appalachian trail.
    Tom offers Free round trip shuttle pick ups from the trail if your wanting to experience the oddity that is quickly becoming known as Duck n Hut hiker hostel and Appalachian utopia. they also offer shuttling around Roanoke, mouth of wise, tyro,daleville and surrounding areas at $1.50/mile.Tom and Stephanie's vision of the perfect hiker hostel consists, of a donation based system. For those who can, we ask for a donation to help keep up with power, toiletries, the occasional community meal, and to pay it forward, which is the backbone that keeps the Appalachian trail its self alive.
    We welcome each and everyone to this once in a lifetime opportunity to come be a apart, feel, and over all rest in this beautiful garden of hikers and travelers alike. Southern Virginia just got a little bit better with the love, care, and want to give back of both Stephanie and Tom. We also offer work for stay because, hey, hikers aren't millionaires and  Little work here and there, well it just helps the world go round and it also allows this parallel universe existence to keep its vision plans and future in the hands of the hikers and travelers, the world over. Welcome to all, and may this hostel forever be apart of your life journey, and find a cozy nook in your heart forever.


The Southern Virginia



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